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Presidential Statement

Joyce Bryant M.D.T, C.E.O of Quality Dental School of Technology Inc. 

For more than 22 years Quality Dental School, a minority business company has made a commitment to the citizens and residents of the State of New Jersey. by providing   education, training and job placement for individuals who successful complete all educational requirements for a Career in Dental Technology.

Quality Dental School of Technology was created and designed to prepare adults for employment as part of a model of the State of New Jersey Office of School- To-Career & College Initiatives Educational Program.

Quality Dental School of Technology is committed to networking with other educational institutions, commercial business groups and others as an active Non-Profit Business Partner whose interest is in our community needs, while addressing the resolutions towards new Careers.

This Non-Profit Business Partnership will collectively provide families groups. And individuals with the necessary took to meet the challenges of pursuing a new career after facing office cutbacks, hospitals layoffs, and business down-sizing.

The Vision Plan is to provide employment, education and training as an economic benefit to the cities. A grass root operation, knowing the disadvantages and the problems that beset neighborhoods of the poor.

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