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Quality Dental School of Technology, Inc. was founded by Joyce Bryant. The school has offered theory and hands-on training since 1998. Originally the school was a dental laboratory in East Orange, established by Dr. Bryant in 1984. When she became aware of the lack of lab qualified technicians in the dental industry, Dr. Bryant's future goals expanded to opening a dental technology school. All equipment and tools used for training has a practical application. Quality Dental School of Technology, Inc. has programs that train students in the Dental Industry.


Our Mission

It is our endeavor to prepare individuals with the knowledge and technical proficiency that will allow them to become immediately employable in the dental industry. It is our objective to offer the best possible education consistent with proper educational procedures. There are many opportunities available for well-trained individuals in the dental profession. The programs offered at Quality Dental School of Technology, Inc., not only equip individuals with viable skill, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is fulfilling for all, but allows us to, as a final goal, place the graduates in an entry-level position in the dental industry.

We are approved by the State of New Jersey, DVR, TANF, Dislocated Workers, New Jersey Unemployment, and the Veterans GI Bill.

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