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Certified Nurse Assistant

Prospective certified nurse assistants must first complete a training and program which usually lasts a few weeks. They must then sit for a certification exam, then register in the state of New Jersey to be able to work as a CNA. For detailed information on admission requirements for CNA programs, please visit our CNA Training Programs Admissions page. 

In New Jersey, aspiring nurse assistants must complete a total of 90 training hours- 50 hours of classroom work and 40 of hands-on clinical time. 

There are a few additional factors that prospective CNA students must consider, as listed below:

  • Program Length: As stated earlier students must complete a total of 90 training hours to sit for the certification exam. Training programs are offered at community colleges, vocational schools, long-term care facilities, and high schools. Depending on the school, training can last several weeks. 

  • Program Cost: The cost for a CNA program in New Jersey depends on the school/ program. Please give us a call to discuss the tuition for this course. We offer financial aid or payment plans which help students reach their career goals.

  • In Person: This course is only available for in person learning being that the program requires hands-on training 




Concepts of Long-Term Care 

Responsibilities of Nurse Aid  

Communication and Interpersonal Skills 

Resident/Staff Control 

Infection Precaution, Importance of Cleanliness, and Sanitation

Care of Resident Items and Equipment 

Maintaining a Pleasant Facility Environment 

The Resident Environment, Comfort, and Safety in Bed,

Making an Unoccupied Bed, Accident Prevention,

Fire Disaster Practice, Disaster Safety,

Life Saving Carries for Non- Ambulatory Residents,

Emergency Care, Psycho-Social,

Individual Responses to the Aging Process,

Emotional Need and Support of the Resident,

Characteristic of Resident with abnormal behavior,

Resident with Dementia, Concept of Reality Orientation,

Lifting and Moving Techniques, Importance of Bathing,

Observing and Reporting of Physical, Care of Hands and Feet,

Skin Changes with Aging, Dressing and Undressing,

Mouth Care, Personal Grooming, Shaving and Beard Care,

Morning Care, Rest and sleep, Importance of Fluids in the Body,

Serving Fluids to residents, Monitoring fluid intake, 

Cardio-Vascular and Respiratory changes with aging,

Gastro-Intestinal, Endocrine Disorder changes with aging,

Urinary changes with aging, Muscular-Skeletal Changes with Aging,

Neurological changes with aging, Reproductive system changes with aging,

Resident needs for activity and recreation, Spiritual needs of the resident

Total Tuition Cost= $3,475


CPR/ AED Certification CourseCPR / Dental RadiologyNew CPR/ AED Certification Course if you've never been certified in CPR before. This course is designed to fullfill your requirements for CPR/AED certification. Coaches, babysitters, teachers, lifeguards, students, or anyone that requires CPR certification or would like to learn, this course is for you . We will teach you about Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation,the Heimlich maneuver and use of the aed. This course follows the american heart associations Ecc 2005 guidelines, we will teach you the lastest innovation in a important field. You can call our registration department and inquire course time and lenght .

CPR/AED Certification Course

We are approved by the State of New Jersey, DVR, TANF, Dislocated Workers, New Jersey Unemployment, and the Veterans GI Bill.

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