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"I chose to attend Quality Dental School to become a Dental Technician. I heard great things about Mrs. Bryant that is why I choose Quality Dental. I live in Greece and I visited the website and I was very impressed with the school. Mrs. Bryant is a great instructor and friend. She wants all of her students to achieve great things." -Daniel Aresti Greese

"I worked in a lab in Texas and would like to become a CDT. I found the Quality Dental School website from the website. After speaking to Mrs. Bryant about the program. I decided to move to New Jersey to attend Quality dental School. I know that it is not easy to succeed in this profession. I told Mrs. Bryant about those difficulties and she told me about her difficulties as a student. That made me more confident in perusing my career. Quality Dental School help me attain my CDT." -Hanh Nhu Trinh Texas


"I came to Quality Dental to better my career and future for my family. I came here in January and since then the experience has been amazing. Quality Dental have instructors are here to help and guide you. I didnt know that there was so much to learn about being a Dental Technician. The instructors have the experience and knowledge to push students abilities. Being a student I have learned about the many different types of teeth and muscle in the mouth. My experience here has been exciting and I have learned something new everyday." -Latasha Williams

"I was already working in the dental field as a Dental Receptionist. However, I wanted to expand my education in the field of dentistry. Therefore I chose Quality Dental School. They create great opportunities for students and when I leave here I hope to have a great future in the field of dentistry." -Miriam Santiago


"I would like to thank Quality Dental School for providing me the tools I needed to succeed. I know how to make people smile after fixing their problems with their teeth. Mrs. Bryant is a great motivator and instructor. She has inspired me to open my own Dental School one day. Thank you to all the instructors." -Regine Fenelus

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